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Apartment Turn Cleaning Services

Fast Turnaround

For high occupancy rates, you need a building that is thoroughly cleaned. It has to be ready to go on time. Grid Style Cleaning Solutions ensures your quick turnaround by fully staffing the project with highly skilled workers. We will make sure you get a thorough clean on time. 


Grid Style Cleaning Solutions will make sure that your units impress the next renter. Your business depends on it! We are here to deliver results. 

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Student Housing Turn Cleaning

Grid Style Cleaning Solutions provides reliable and efficient cleaning for student housing. Call us prior to the semester starting for an initial cleaning as well as during and after. 


Our professional cleaning service is available for dorms, off-campus housing, fraternities, sororities and university apartments. We take great pride in helping provide safe and clean housing areas for students. 

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Commercial & Corporate Cleaning

If you have an office building that needs cleaning, book Grid Style Cleaning Solutions. Our team takes extra care in this area. Everyone needs a clean and orderly space to function in the modern office. 


No matter your cleaning needs, we will take the time to ensure that the job is done right. We use fully trained staff to make sure that your office is cleaned on time to the highest standards.

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Residential Cleaning

Grid Style Cleaning Solutions cleans residential buildings to a spot-free shine. Whether you’ve got a big mess at home or an AirBnB to keep in top shape, we are your go-to resource for residential cleaning services. 


We treat your space like our own!

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Green Cleaning Services

We have superior levels of experience when it comes to cleaning. With Grid Style Cleaning Solutions, clients know exactly what to expect. We offer high levels of skill, professionalism, and efficiency. We produce exceptional results using eco-friendly products for every client.

Cleaning the Counter

Electrostatic Fogger Disinfectant Sanitizing

Electrostatic disinfecting is a touch-less application of non-toxic mist using a cordless handheld machine to efficiently and evenly coat surfaces with a disinfecting solution.

  • Creates 360-degrees of coverage on applied surfaces; even distribution

  • Reduces contamination risks and prevents disinfectant drip

  • Disrupts mold or bacterial outbreak colonies

Electrostatic disinfecting eliminates 99.9% of surface viruses. We can ensure you have a safer environment for everyone in your home or office.