About Grid Style

Cleaning Solutions

Professionalism. Excellence. Consistency.



Grid Style Cleaning Solutions is dedicated to providing superior quality. We take pride in our efficiency. We also use an environmentally friendly approach to cleaning. 


Our mission is to provide professional, affordable cleaning services to local residences and businesses. Their properties will be cleaned by well-trained team members who utilize our unique grid-style cleaning concepts for a clean and consistent finish.





Grid Style Cleaning Solutions has a unique and efficient grid-style approach to cleaning every inch of every area which will help people live cleaner, healthier lives. We will provide innovative, effective, and eco-friendly services that promote the highest quality of life.


You can depend on us for fast and reliable service and we will make sure it gets done in a timely manner with 100% customer satisfaction. 

Why Choose Us?

Our professionals take their work to the next level. We know that a first impression is everything in business. You’ve got clients to impress! We’ll help you do it. 

The owners of Grid Style Cleaning Solutions takes pride in custom solutions. We will help you create a tailored cleaning plan that keeps your business sparkling. Everyone’s needs are different. 


What Makes Us Different?

  • We use eco-friendly tools and products.

  • Our rates are competitive and affordable.

  • Our professionals are bonded and insured.

  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed.