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We are a fast, honest, and reliable cleaning company. Call us for residential, commercial, and student housing deep cleans. We deliver consistent top-notch results no matter how messy things are at your building. 


We are proud to employ highly trained cleaners who can take care of any job. Using our eco-friendly practices, we avoid toxic chemicals. Let us put a sparkling shine in your building without the harsh smells. 

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Green Cleaning Services

Our services are eco-friendly. We take great pride in our reputation. Our customers come to us for results no matter how messy things get. 


We offer cleaning that is safe for the planet and people. Get a better cleaning solution with our expert staff. Ditch the harsh smells and chemicals that so many people live with. 


Whether you’re an apartment owner, home owner, or business owner, we’ve got you covered. 

Cleaning the Bathroom

Highly Reliable Staff

Grid Style Cleaning Solutions provides cleaning services to all types of residential spaces. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and affordable. Our staff are all experts. They will make sure your home is cleaned to a sparkling shine. 


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